Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wrong address


Can you believe it? It has finally come.
I've been waiting for months.

The mailman came to my door a few minutes ago and asked if it was my name on the envelope. The address had the wrong house number. He said he's been trying to deliver it there for the last 3 weeks, but the people at that house tell him there's no such person. So very cleverly, he decided the foreign sounding name might belong to the foreigner and he came and asked me.


It was only yesterday that I had a conversation about where the card, supposedly mailed out, had gone. I thought that since I had the email notification and the number I was issued, that they could just look that up and and make me a new one.
No, they could look up the number and access my name and account, but for a new card, I'd have to apply again.
But I'm so glad to be saved that hassle.
The card is here.

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