Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Free ride

This ticket gets you a free ride. How 'bout that!

We have entered Phase II of ticketing for the Commonwealth Games. That means the tickets I have purchased should be couriered to me shortly. And until today, I didn't know what else it meant.

Someone asked me if the seats were assigned or general seating and what else was written on the ticket--how early you should arrive for the events, etc.
I had no idea. Hadn't yet seen the tickets, I told her, because they weren't to be delivered until we entered Phase II.
How many phases are there? she wanted to know.
I didn't know that either. So I did some research.
Three phases. The third means you can also buy tickets at the box office while the games are taking place.
Phase II means my tickets should soon be in my hand, and while I was reading about that, it also said that travel to and from the event ticketed via metro is included. Cool!

Now will the venues and metro lines be finished in time? That remains to be seen...

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