Thursday, September 16, 2010

Art is happening

There is art happening in my house.
How cool is that?

Eight young friends came over today, we chatted about Mondrian (famous for his reductionist works) and the elements of design--namely line. And then everyone created their own masterpiece.
All very unique.

I must say, though, the lesson seemed a lot like "how to make a mess".
But that just means creativeness is happening, right?


Unknown said...

i got to do an art lesson like this one time when i subbed in an art classroom. it was a fun one!

l said...

You drank chai and chatted about Mondrian, optical illusions, and foreshortening.

Unknown said...

well, now that would have been a nice, laid back job of subbing. i didn't get to have such a relaxed lesson.

l said...

That's too bad then.
I didn't really drink chai either. We only had water. We didn't need the added element of sugar.