Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Green view

My neighbor has a very green view.
She saw me up on the roof in the afternoon taking pictures and called me over to see what it looks like from her side. Having always wanted to see what the park, the Lotus temple, and the world looked like from over there, I went and hung out on her balcony for a while.

She gave me chai and namkeen. She let me see what it looks like to look out onto my balcony from hers. She told me about her days in the railroad company, how she worked there for 38 years but has been retired for nine years.
Now she comes here for the quiet and for health reasons. Kind of funny to come to Delhi for quiet, but where she is, there is certainly a very green view over a quiet park in a city full of cement.


Jessica said...

The grass looks swirly.

l said...

I think it's footpaths.
I tried to get into the park today, but gate was locked and the wall was too hard to climb. I'll have to try another day.

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