Sunday, September 26, 2010

That cheating gas man

When I arrived home today, there was a gas man in my house.
How did he get in?
Well, he showed my guest his badge and convinced him to open the door.
No worries there, I would have done the same.

He was making a mess, that gas man.
Throwing his trash around, walking in the house with his shoes on (I did scold him for that and felt somewhat vindicated in the release of frustration.)

Some gas company man came only 5 months ago, and I'm supposed to have 6 months before things start expiring. My memory of the last argument I had with a gas man hasn't even faded yet.

I told this guy that I didn't need what he said I needed.
He said that, yes, I did.
What he thought I needed for my kitchen stove was:
  • a new hose
  • a black spring thing to put over the hose --adamantly refused that dirt collector
  • a cleaning kit--have 2 or three I've never opened, so refused that
  • some metal put-over-the-flame thing that is supposed to make it use less gas--refused. But he made me watch the demonstration anyway.
  • and the megnetic gas saver--no, no, no, how I refused this thing, but he'd already put it on. And it was so expensive!
He then tried to charge me 250 for the hose, though the package clearly states 60-90rs. On top of that, his bill had a 150 service charge, for a service I never asked for.

After the gas man left, I apologized to my guests. "I'm sorry you had to see that," I said. Wish I could say, "It'll never happen again."
But, oh, it will. :)

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