Friday, September 10, 2010

It is well

It's been... one of those days.
Near the end of it, I went up to the roof to see the sunset. Because I could see from my balcony that it promised to be a good one, and a rare glimpse of sky in these overcast monsoon days.
It was.

In the noise-ridden city of Delhi, the rooftop was a sanctuary of quiet. Perhaps the traffic and people sounds don't echo off the buildings as much when you're above them.
Whatever it is that makes the hush, my whole being welcomed it.

The last rays of September 10, 2010 lit up the sky.
And it. Was. Glorious.


Inwardly, I groaned.
There is a gaudy temple in my view of the skyline. It was blocking the sunset I wanted to see in full.
It's spires marred the beauty I longed to be unblemished.
I wanted perfection.

I wished for a view from higher up, so I could see over the temple silhouette.
But I was already on the roof. And I am earthbound.


All is not well with the world.
But in this moment, all is well in this place.
In this moment, all is well with my soul.

I can choose to set my gaze on things higher.
And I can remember that no matter what turmoil is around me or within me, there is a deep Source of Peace which calls to the depths within me.


kolinko said...

Lovely! Thanks for sharing this.

l said...

Thanks for readin'. ;)