Friday, September 10, 2010


A confession: I am addicted to the computer.

A week ago, my computer crashed.
Wonderfully, I had backed it up the day before, so the data lost was not much.
But what was extremely frustrating is that there is no tech support from Friday 6pm until Monday 9am. And the crash happened around 9pm on Friday.

It wasn't until Tuesday that I was brought a new hard drive. Since then, I have been installing, updating, and restoring EVERYTHING.
What a time consuming and exhausting job.

But this what I have discovered in the process: I am addicted.
To email.
To immediate avenues of communication.
To instant answers to my questions when searched online.
To typing out my thoughts and saving them for later access.

Without the computer, I resort to making little notes here and there. Pieces of paper with my scattered thoughts accumulate around the house and in piles. Nothing is as organized as I would like it to be. And I can't keep track of which things I have completed and which I have not.
How did I become so dependent?

The good thing in all this?
I read two books and finished a magazine which has been waiting for me since April. So now I'm smarter and more informed.
Plus: I'm aware of my addiction. And recognizing it is supposed to be the first step, right?

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