Sunday, March 18, 2012

The squeaking rat dog of India Gate

Each time I visit India Gate I see the hawkers trying to sell this squeaky treasure.
Well, actually, I hear it long before I see it.
A high pitched, repetitive squeaking that makes me want to find the parents of the obnoxious child I believe to be making this sound and give them a stern glance.

But no, it is not a child causing the racket, it's a hawker trying to attract the attention of some child who will then beg his parents to buy his noise-maker.

It's an small, odd, red and black thing that seems to me like a little rat dog. A squeaking little rat dog.

I have two suggestions for those thinking to buy one of these gems:
1. Stop. Don't do it. Walk away and leave the squeak behind.
2. Please. Buy the squeaking rat dog. Buy ALL the squeaking rat dogs. Every single last one. And let there be peace again at India Gate.

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