Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The barber's reward

Here's the other new thing I found when I visited Humayan's tomb: the barber's tomb.

Apparently, Humayan had found a really good shave and cut with this barber. So the barber got something special just for him right next to the emperor.

Royal family members only get a slab on the platform of the tomb.
But a good barber? He gets his own mausoleum.


Josephine said...

They let the barber die a natural death, right? I've heard of some servants being killed in order to be buried with their various leaders.

l said...

That information has not been recorded that I can find. I did find a cool picture, though: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Humayun%27s_Tomb,_with_the_Barber%27s_Tomb_in_the_foreground,_Delhi,_1858_photograph.jpg

The dates on at least one of the tombs inside is for around 25 years after the emperor's death. No names are marked so no one knows for certain.

Another thought: the barber was the only guy allowed to hold a knife to the emperor's throat.