Sunday, March 18, 2012


Rajpath is the boulevard that runs from Rashtrapati Bhavan, through India Gate to the National Stadium.

It's a historic place. Designed by Edwin Lutyens and built by the British, it's still where the seat of the Indian government is, ceremonially speaking, and where several administrative offices are located.
The panoramic view is almost unparalleled anywhere else within India.

And so, considering how important it is, I think that some of the sights along Rajpath are rather amusing.

It's also a popular spot for Indian tourists and picnickers. Therefore, it's also full of hawkers and snack sellers.

Some find it to be a good place for an afternoon nap.
For both people and street dogs.

And, oddly, it seems to be a good place to take a bath and do some laundry.

I think that's incredible.

It's the equivalent of bathing and washing clothes in the National Mall of Washington D.C. Would anyone do that?

But this is India, and so it seems to be a naturally accepted part of the scenery.
How could Rajpath ever expect to fit into India if it didn't have the hawkers, the nappers, the bathers and the masses of varied humanity swarming around it?
It just wouldn't.
It all all belongs there, right down to the very last street dog sleeping beside the tree-lined pools.

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