Monday, August 5, 2013

Neumünster Church

This church is a Romanesque one with a Baroque facade.  It takes so long to build these old churches that architectural styles go through decades of change.
Neumünster church was built in the 11th century to commemorate the martyr of Irish missionaries.  Among them was St. Killian, whose death--if wikipedia can be believed--was reminiscent of John the Baptist's.
Because it was less damaged than others, it served as the main cathedral after World War Two until 1967.

The skulls of the three saints are carried in a procession each year by theological students from the crypt to Würzburg Dom.

Inside, there are several works of art from different eras.  Most of which I can't identify or don't recognize.
But that's okay.  I just look at it and think about how pretty it all is, and how much work it has taken to put it all together.

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