Monday, August 5, 2013

Marien Kapelle

The real old stuff--not the replicas--is all over Germany, and I was constantly reminded of this.

Like how the Marien Kapelle in Würzburg is a real Gothic building, not a building copying the Gothic style.
It sits in the middle of the market, without even enough space around it to stand back and get a good look.  It's been there a long time and people have built up a number of other interests and buildings.
It doesn't look like a six hundred year old building inside, though.  That's because so much of Germany was damaged during WWII, and the Marien Kapelle was one of the casualties.
I wanted to see real, old stained glass, but I would have to wait for another church.  But I wondered if I would see any original stained glass at all due to all that was destroyed.
And here's one of the more mysterious things I found in the chapel.
A rooster under his feet?  Huh?
I guess that's what identifies that guy way up there as Peter?  I guess you need to figure out a system of identification like that when you're one of a hundred statues in one of hundreds of churches.

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