Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Oriental Apiary

Deep in the back canals of Dal Lake lies the Oriental Apiary, home of the Honey Lady.

I've visited her once or twice and heard her spiel on the wondrous properties of honey, looked through her pictures of other tourists who have visited over the years, and even sampled some of the honey.
She's something of a rare find herself, that Honey Lady.
As for her honey, there are a number of flavors.
As far as I can figure, there is not apple, almond or saffron IN the honey, but the bees live with these flavors.
I don't know how much difference that actually makes, but the honey lady swears by it. And she knows her honey.

Use More.
Honey is a natural sweet.
Honey is a source of quick energy.
Honey gives both sweetness & flavour.
Honey is ready to use as nature made it.

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