Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chinese fishing nets

The Chinese fishing nets of the Kerala backwaters are iconic.


Honestly, I didn't know that until a few weeks ago.
I didn't know they were something I needed to see.
Needed to photograph.
Now I'm wiser.

Since our houseboat trip started in Kollam, more southerly than most trips, we saw a lot more of these fishing apparatus than the tourists who go to Kochi see.
They are amazing gigantic things made of branches lashed together--and all perfectly balanced.

We went down a whole, long corridor of them.

This part of the river even dictated our schedule, because in the evenings, the fisherman come, attach the nets and let them down into the water. Once they do, boats can no longer go through.

Fishermen and their nets at sunset are a very picturesque thing.


aunt j said...

They're like giant spiders or crabs coming out of the water--very alien looking! Cool!

l said...

I did think they looked kind of like spiders.