Sunday, May 1, 2011

The boat, er, boats

So when we arrived at our houseboat, met the staff and were given our "Welcome Fruit Basket", we settled in to enjoy our floating adventure.

LinkBoat One (because, yes, there were two) was a great boat. It had two bedrooms, and a spacious front room with an "entertainment system" (Seriously? Who wants to watch tv when a whole world of sights is passing right beside you!) and nice woodwork. And, of course, the kitchen where the chef made all his chopping noises.

Somewhere was the engine. I think it was under the floor of my room (noisy).
It was that engine that gave us trouble.

We made it through the first day and the boat was moored for the night.
There was trouble with the engine, we were told by the staff at that time, but a mechanic was coming and he would either fix it that night or come back in the morning and fix it then.
Okay. No worries. We ate our nice dinner, watched the sunset, and then the boat rocked us to sleep.

The next morning, though, the departure time was delayed, and delayed some more, and finally suspended all together.
A new boat was coming, they said.
And--finally--it did.
Quick as possible, we and all our belongings were transferred to the new boat and we were off--pulling Boat One behind us. An hour or so later, we left it behind and continued our journey on Boat Two.

Sadly, Boat Two was not quite as nice.
It was an older boat. All of the rooms were smaller. And it wasn't very clean. I suppose the staff had not really been given enough time to prepare it for us.
What was prepared, was our lunch. The chef from Boat One stayed with us and he brought along all his good skills.
And the engine. The engine was working.

So down the river we went, for more sightseeing.
Really, if we'd never seen Boat One, we might have been perfectly content with Boat Two the whole time.

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