Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jew Town

The Jewish part of Fort Cochin is one of the "must sees". So we went to see.
The Paradesi Synagogue, built in the 1500s, is at the center of this area. One of the coolest things was the old (old looking, at least) signs.

The cemetery is also one of the things the signs all point you toward.
How was it? Not so exciting.
The cemetery is not the only thing around Jew Town when it comes to dying.
In reading about the Jew Town history, I came across an article about the woman who sells tickets at the synagogue. How she is the last female Jew left. Sad.
I can only imagine what it's like to be in her position--and to be written up in history for that reason.
I noticed her when we entered the synagogue and tried to get her to return my smile, but it was a faint, tired shadow of a smile that she gave. What a sad and lonely existence--yet she stands there every day and sells tickets instead of pursuing something that makes her happy.

I find it very interesting how history gets written by the individual choices people make.

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