Saturday, October 9, 2010

Strategic signage

There are new Commonwealth signs all over the city. Some of them are very clever, like these Delhi ones:

Some of them are funny. A silent Delhi? Road code? Ha ha ha.

And some of them are strategic.
You see, Delhi was not finished with all the preparations in time for the games. Things are not quite as clean as hoped. So what I have noticed is that there are rows and rows of bright colored new CWG signs lining the streets. I used to see piles of sand, stacks of bricks, broken car parts, unfinished construction, and gutters full of trash in these same places.
It's not that it has all been cleaned up, but it is hidden behind the new signs.
Interesting strategy.

How long do these signs stay up, I wonder?

I hope that those in charge of this particular "clean city" move keep in mind that a white-washed sandcastle is still made of dirt.

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