Sunday, July 11, 2010

Personal driver

I don't know if I should be freaked out or not.

There's a driver that knows I go to many of the same places every week. He likes to take me places. I assume this means I am paying too much and thus his willingness.
One day he asked me if I was going to go to the same place next week at the same time. "Maybe," I didn't commit.

Well, this morning the driver came to my door. "You will go this morning? I am outside."
Should I be worried he knows where I live? And comes to the door?
I mean, he's a tiny little man who must have suffered a stroke or something because the right side of his body is atrophied--so he's not intimidating, or anything.
It's just that...he's at my door.

Not sure.
I let him take me though. Beats walking out in the heat to find another auto.

He even waited around to bring me back again.
I must really be over paying him.

The rains started as we were on the road. Monsoon rains.
Auto rickshaws are not closed vehicles, if you'll note.
It was wet. But the coolness did feel nice.

The monsoon rains started in earnest this week. The newspapers reported that flooded roads caused craters and traffic jams.
There's so much water on the roads, you can't really see where the potholes are any more. My ride home was both wet and more jarring than usual. But the auto did hold together. :)


dmmac said...

We had service people like that in Manila, who were called sukis. They would charge a tiny bit more, but they took great care of you, and you knew you could count on them. I don't know Delhi culture, but it sounds like this is similar???

l said...

It might be similar, yes.
I have yet to see how it all develops. :)