Monday, July 19, 2010

Destructive humidity

This weather breaks stuff.

I went out yesterday to go to my friend's house. About a hundred feet from my house, the strap on my sandals broke. I hobbled back to my house to find the second pair of shoes I had in my closet. Since I've worn this particular pair of sandals every day (except while in Michigan during the winter) for the last two years, I knew their end would be soon and I was prepared.
But when I pulled the new shoes out of the closet, the soles fell off. Just fell off.
That's no good. Can't wear sole-less shoes.
I instead found a pair of "inside flip-flops" and wore them to my friend's house.

Later that evening I got out the glue and attempted to do my own shoe repair. In the morning, I wore them around the house to see if it worked.
Uh, no. They oozed glue all over my toes and then fell apart again.
Perhaps if I give the glue longer to dry and try again in a few days.

In the meantime...
It was time to leave for Hindi class.
But the door wouldn't shut.
The humidity has swelled the wood around the door and the metal frame has come loose, preventing the door from closing. The other day I fixed this by screwing the frame back into the door jam.
This morning it didn't want to work. The wood is old and warped, the screws rusty, and the metal bent.
AND THEN, the screw driver broke. The handle just cracked right off.
What kind of repair is this going to require?
I feel defeated. The shoes and the doors have bested me.

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