Friday, July 16, 2010

I'd like a new term

I'm taking a poll.

Perhaps it's because I live in India (where millions of people are vegetarian) among Muslim people for whom pork is not halal, or perhaps it's because I, myself, don't eat meat and have a personal bias, but the term "pig roast" makes me cringe.

I'd like to re-term this food event "pork bbq". Or something. Roasted pork?
But my mom says that pork bbq conjures up thoughts of barbecued pork, like what you would put on a sandwich, something completely different from what will be served at a pig roast (hereafter to be referred to in my post as "pork bbq").

I've attended numerous "pork bbqs". My grandpa used to make homemade roasting pits out of old metal barrels and stand over the hot fire for hours tending the meat. Many summer gatherings revolve around the barbecued pork, and I've been there--hungry, because we have to wait until the meat is done before we can start eating.
I've smelled pork bbqs.
I've smelled like a pork bbq.
I've felt the heat of a pork bbq.
I've watched the heat of a pork bbq melt my grandpa.
I remember how the air of a campground gets filled with pork bbq aroma (odor?).
I have watched the meat roast for the pork bbq.
And yes, I have even tasted pork bbq.
So I feel I am familiar with pork bbq.

I also know that a true "pork bbq" includes other elements that have little to do with pork. It means people, friends, food spread out on a picnic table, warm summer weather, and a good, fun time. That part of a pork bbq I can get into. So if you say "pig roast", people know that it includes not just the meat, but all the rest of the fun.

So here's what my poll is about.
I think it would be fine to change the name of these food events to something else and people would enjoy them just as much as ever.
Maybe you've never thought about the term "pig roast" before, but I find it uncouth, offensive even. I don't know if that's the vegetarian in me speaking or the Asian influence.
What do you think? You might not have given the term any thought prior to this crazy random post, but now you have something to consider.
So think about it and vote in my poll over there to the left.
My mom says I'm silly to think so much about this. You can even vote that you agree with her.

You know, I've now written/said the word "pork" so many times in this post that that one is starting to sound pretty bad, too...
I'd better stop while I'm ahead. :)


Unknown said...

I don't like any of your polling options. I think we should take the lead of southerners and call everything a BBQ. Oh, and drink lots if sweet tea.

l said...

Well, so sorry there are not enough options for you. There is what there is.
Sweet tea would be good.