Monday, July 12, 2010

Dog security

On sunday morning I found a notice in my mailbox that said something like this:
"Please take note that someone in the neighborhood is poisoning dogs. Non-veg food has been found laced with poison. It was determined by authorities that our dog died of such poisoning. Remember that killing dogs is a criminal offense and protect your pets."

Something like that. It was actually much longer and used big words.

The next day, I saw a banner sign hanging over the neighborhood park entrance that read:
"Killing dogs is a criminal offense. Street dogs are our security guard."

Our security guards? Really. These starving, mangy dogs wandering the streets eating from the trash?
Well, okay, if you insist. But I hope the security force I pay each month to walk through the neighborhood with whistles and lathis is also doing its part.

The thing that really strikes me here is not that I don't care about dogs or pets, or the owners who are saddened by the loss of them, but that there are children--real, live children, human beings--also walking the streets, starving, unkempt and eating from the trash.
I mean, what if one of them ate this alleged laced-with-poison non-veg food? Would there be banners and mailbox notices and "investigations"?
Why isn't there more concern about them?
Why are there overweight dogs and malnourished children in the same neighborhood?
How do we so easily close our eyes to the poverty and suffering around us, yet manage to get upset about dogs?

Hear me: Dogs are great. Having and loving and caring for pets is a good and responsible thing. It is legitimate to be attached to and sad about losing a pet.
But I will still insist that a hungry child is more important.


Jessica said...

I feel the same way about things here. We don't have the poverty as you do there, but the importance of animals is elevated above the importance of human beings, especially the helpless ones. I often wonder why I see a million ads about dogs and cats who need to be adopted into homes, but you never hear anything about foster children who need homes even more badly. It's strange and it's something that needs to change.

P.S. And, you know I love dogs too! :)

l said...

Yes, you'd be a good spokesperson for such an issue because you actually live out a balance of loving both in the measure they require. :)