Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I connected my stove yesterday. So I cooked for the first time today.
Peas. I don't know why peas. I didn't even want peas. The vegetable man told me to buy them. That they were good peas.
I told him I didn't want peas, I wanted tomatoes.
He gave me the tomatoes and I gave him money, then he said he didn't have change and he'd give me peas instead.
So I took the dumb peas.
Peas are work intensive. I shelled them for an hour and then they made this tiny little pile in the pot.
So I had peas for dinner. Before they went bad in my refrigerator.

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square peg believer said...

Loving the blog and the pics. makes all that you write about more concrete. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely become a follower.

P.S. Your experence reminded me of that bumper sticker that says "Visualize whirled peas" ;)