Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The curtain man was appalled

The curtains he had made were beautiful, and he'd taken all that time to hang and arrange them just so before he left. Thus I didn't want the curtain man to return.
I'd done things kind of backwards and invited the dust creating, mess-making sort of workers after the curtains were hung instead of before. The best I could do was to tie them up to keep them out of the dust--they were just too difficult to get down.

So there was one last small curtain being made for a different room. I hadn't called him about it because I hadn't wanted him to come and see what had become of his beautiful work in the living room.

But this evening he brought over the last small curtain and there he stood at the door and his face said it all. He was very distressed.
He started scolding the painter and the carpenter for letting this happen, "Oh they'll get bad. They're getting dirty. This is very very bad."
I agree, but what to do?

The painter piped up that it was the a/c installer and what can you do about those messy, troublesome a/c installers?
That was inventive.

So the curtain man straightened things as best he could, but then had to turn his back on the rest, knowing there was nothing more to be done right now while the carpenters were still at work and the dust still flying.
Ah, poor, sad curtain man.

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