Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fusebox fight

There are three little birds fighting over who gets to use the fuse box space as a nest. I keep telling them that no one gets to live there, but they don't listen and keep coming right back.
They are not afraid of me, they are not afraid of the shiny stuff I put up to keep them away. And they yell at me.
They've already used the fuse box from the floor above and made a mess there.
I've now tied the fuse box shut and taped over any gaps. They just won't take no for an answer and they've been diligently filling my fuse box with grass and feathers.
I've thought about singing like Snow White or Giselle (from Enchanted) to get them to do some work for me.


l said...

After I wrote this, there was one moment I was walking through the house turning off lights and humming Giselle's "happy little working song". I got to the bathroom and there was a chipmunk staring me down. I told him I wasn't serious, I really didn't have any work for him right now.

PetFed said...

Ha, ha... well... even it is not that fun for you...!

Josephine said...

How did you get rid of the chipmunk?

l said...

As I said, I told him I didn't have any work for him. After he stood frozen for a moment--in disbelief of my words, I suppose--he ran back out the window.