Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Qila-i-Kohna Masjid

During his short five year rule of Delhi, this mosque is one of the projects that hisotry is sure Sher Shah built.  It's inside the Purana Qila and is the most substantial building left.

I read a scintillating description of the architectural detail of the mosque, including information on its squinches, turrets, ceiling treatments and facade.

But I will skip those details and say to you instead:

Just look at that beautiful detail.  It's got to be one of the most best masjids in Delhi.

"Most best"?  Is that a typo?
No, it is not.  It's a very fitting phrase.
Why's that?
Because Sher Shah was from Afghanistan.  This mosque has Afghan influence embedded all over the place in its design.

And because my Afghan friend uses effusive phrases like that frequently:
"I have the most best friends in all the world."
"This ice cream is the most best I have eaten today."
"My friends are the most best good friends."
"This is the most best meal I have had with you."
Admittedly my experience is limited, but that means that I think saying "most best" is the correct way to describe it.

So yes, when it comes to design, the Qila-i-Kohna is one of the most best masjids in Delhi.

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