Monday, April 9, 2012

Umbrellas and gloves

Umbrellas and gloves are two things that to me have very defined uses and purposes. I find that here those uses and purposes are unknown.
Gloves and umbrellas are defined in a completely different way.

By my midwest-America, temperate-climate-zone thinking, these items are for protecting yourself against cold and rain--and there is a lot of cold and rain in the midwest.

Around here, summer is back, and it's really back. Which means it's the season for gloves and umbrellas.
Why? Is India in the southern hemisphere? Is this when the cold season is beginning, like we're in Australia or Peru or somewhere?

You see, an umbrella is not for a rainy day, but a sunny one. It keeps you shaded and shielded from the sun rays.
Gloves to keep away the cold? No, no, to keep away the sun on a really bright day. To keep your hands from darkening in a culture where fair skin is prized and protected.

Even something as "simple" as a pair of gloves does not have the same meaning for everyone around the world.
The world may be "shrinking", but my worldview is expanding.

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