Saturday, April 14, 2012

Diving into wells

The local man who walked with us around the Ahbaneri step well as "guide" made the claim that once a year the well was opened for diving, and he pointed out the two diving platforms.

There was a local boy hanging around the Panna Mian step well and he, too, said that divers come at the end of monsoon season.
I wondered if it could really be true that people would come to jump from these heights into the green water below.
I wondered if the monsoon filled the well high enough for safe diving.
I wondered if this diving was a current event, or something that used to happen back when the baolis were active community hang outs.

Is it true?

I'm still not certain, but I did find a few photos elsewhere on the internet.
You can see that somebody was jumping back when the paint was fresh and the water was higher. (Check out this kid's diving pose.)
Whether it's a recognized event and they are allowed to do this, or whether they just jump in, I don't know.
I'll have to go back at the end of monsoon to see for myself if there are any divers.

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