Saturday, December 3, 2011

Giant haleem pot

This is the giant pot that three women cooked in all night long.
They cooked all night long because that's how you make the haleem for Moharram nice and mushy.

The three of them were out in the "courtyard", over a fire, stirring the pot during the night with a long, bamboo handled mallet thingy.
What kind of image does that give you, right?

They took turns 'cause making the lentils, wheat, barley and mutton into a paste is hard work. All night long work.
Buy you know they loved it, this once-a-year tradition.

The next day they shared the 30 liters of thick, pasty stuff with their friends (me) and relatives so they could empty out the pot and give it to the next family to use. It's a community pot that no one in particular owns and everyone has rights to--especially at holiday time.
Kinda fun, huh?

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