Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Agrasen ki baoli

Sometimes the best stuff is what you find under the surface.

Over in the heart of Delhi's business district is the Agrasen ki baoli--a step well.

It was built about 700 years ago, and no longer houses any water, but the structure is still intact.

What I find kind of fascinating is that while all the architecture around it, goes upward into the sky, the baoli is "inside out", going down into the ground instead.

It has a little bit of end-of-the-monsoon extra greenness just now. But it goes well with the overall look.

The baoli is also a favorite hangout of pigeons--many pigeons. Taking pictures is kind of like a pigeon photo shoot.
As much as I despise them, they did give me a few good poses.
agrasen ki baoliagrasen ki baoli
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