Monday, October 10, 2011

"We made it our problem"

I have been enjoying the Ugly Indian website.
As a foreigner, I'm not supposed to, but I do.

One of my favorite phrases that shows up frequently is:
"we made it our problem".
If there was something that it seemed someone should do something about--they made it their responsibility to do so, they became the someone.

It's perfect because I am often thinking as I walk around: "Whose job is it to fix this? Who is the one that puts this stuff back together?"
Who closes up the manholes, replaces sidewalk blocks, cleans up the side-of-the-street trash piles, paints the paan covered walls....
I'm encouraged that there is someone out there doing something about this stuff.

Not only are they doing something, but they are doing it in a smart way that encourages a change in behavior--psychology and perseverance being two of their main strategies.

I give a big thumbs up to the Ugly Indian.
I wish they would come to my neighborhood and make some things here their problem.
...or maybe I'm supposed to do that...

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