Monday, May 3, 2010

Stolen and replaced...somewhat

My phone was stolen.
At least that's the best I can figure, because I can't imagine how it could have fallen out of my bag when nothing else had without my noticing.
In that same pocket were my business cards--also missing. So whoever has the phone, knows whom they should call to return it.

Bad thief person.

I called the mobile phone customer service to report the missing sim card. The experience was so unexpectedly positive that I almost didn't mind that my phone was missing.

Last time my phone was stolen, I needed to go through a lengthy process of obtaining an affidavit.
This time?

My conversation with customer service went something like this:
Customer service guy: really-fast-Hindi-words-I-couldn't-follow
Me: I'm sorry, do you speak English?
Customer service guy: Of course, ma'am, how may I help you?
Me: I need to report that my phone was stolen.
Customer service guy: Oh, I am sorry to hear that. This is what we will do: We will immediately deactivate your current account number so no unauthorized calls can go through. Then we will courier to your billing address a new sim card. When you receive that, call the customer service center to activate it. This service will cost you 25 rupees, I am sorry for that. BUT, ma'am, I am most sorry to tell you that your data is lost and there is nothing we can do about that. I'm so sorry for the loss.
I was so taken aback by this immediate "fixing" of my problem, that I made him repeat it all, right down to the "your data is lost and I'm so sorry for this".
Yes, it was true: he said a new sim card would show up on it's own at my door by the end of the following day. No affidavit or police report needed. Wow.

And he was right! My new sim card was brought to my house this afternoon and the guy who delivered it offered to make the call to request that it be activated.
I love good service.

Now to go about replacing all those phone numbers.
And, well, I guess I need a new phone, too.

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