Thursday, October 9, 2008

I identify

I recently came across this quote from someone named George Herbert:
"I cried when I was born and every day shows why."
I'm identifying strongly with that sentiment.

My camera, my phone and 100 rupees are gone.
According to my best recollections, they were in my bag on a chair in the corner of the school room when we took our morning break. I'd used my phone just before school to make a call, the camera usually lives in my bag so that it's ready-at-a-moment's-notice for a picture opportunity, and the 100 rupees was so I could buy some vegetables on the way home.
I thought it was strange when I went to pay for the vegetables and couldn't find any money in my bag. When I got home, I dumped everything out on the bed. Nope, no rupee note. But I thought it was my own misplacing of the money. I looked for my phone to see if I had any missed calls, but it wasn't there. I didn't have a lot of time to worry over it --or anyone to call--so I didn't.
My phone didn't turn up by the end of the day, so I was hoping I'd left it at the school room.
It wasn't there this morning. Not in any of the places we searched, anyhow. And I also realized my camera wasn't in my bag.
Thinking about it now, there were a few other things out of place: my Bible was unwrapped from its cover; when I'd gathered up the bag to move it, it had been lying opened unlike the usual way I leave it slung over the chair arm.
Our break meant we were gone from the room hardly fifteen minutes. How sad that the thievin' whoever thought it would be worth it to rifle through my bag of unassuming appearance. :(

So there won't be any new pictures or videos to share with you. :(

I can't even begin to calculate the total value of the loss.
All my phone numbers from several countries and continents. :(
All of my 800+ photos taken since February. (What you see displayed here is all I've got left.) :(
The 100 rupees is nothing in comparison to the other two losses.
There aren't enough emoticons to type to display how sad I am.

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Josephine said...

Lindsay, I am so sorry. That is terrible. :(