Friday, May 7, 2010

Free smoothie

I've spent a lot of time in the mall this week.
It's air conditioned and a good place for an active one year old to run around and be adored by strangers.
There is an outlet of Jus Booster Juice (a Canadian smoothie chain) at the mall. The Very Berry smoothie would keep the active little boy still in his stroller for a good amount of time as we walked around.
Our last evening in the mall, we were walking toward the exit and noticed that a new Jus Booster Juice had opened in another part of the mall. We knew it had just opened because of all the time spent in the mall: we hadn't seen it the day before.
One of the employees approached us and said we were welcome to come and choose anything we liked from the menu for free.
Oh, we told him, we'd already had our smoothie for the day.
"Tomorrow we will be open, ma'am," he replied, "And you will have to pay for it. Today it is free."
Free? Okay, why not? It's a free smoothie.
So we had our Berry Twister and Go Mango blended up and continued our walk to the exit at the other end of the mall.
What a nice gift.
So this is my Kudos to Canada: way to export good business, good service, and excellent fruit smoothies around the world. Go Canada.

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jackie said...

It made up for the misinformation about the 10% credit card discount!