Saturday, September 10, 2011

The news

What's the news where you are?
Here we've got monsoon rains and flooding paralyzing Delhi (though it looks to me like it's moving just fine out there). The reporter says there were seven cases of trees falling over.

Please spare me:
Do we care who Lady Gaga is dating? Apparently that's news. The article was bigger than the one about who is being investigated for the bombings at Delhi's High Court this past week.

I am aware of what's all over the news in America. Even here in the Indian papers people are remembering September 11.
I came across an article about the forgotten victims of 9/11. One of the things it says is this:
"Yet the one brutal fact remains ignored by many: More people have died In Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan as result of Western intervention than died on 9/11. Now a tragedy is a tragedy is a tragedy. No one's blood is worth more or less."

I think that day ten years ago was a tragedy--horrible, awful and heart-wrenching.
I think there is still much tragedy taking place everyday.

Bigger news than trees or buildings falling down, than celebrity sightings or bombings, would be a world of less pain and tragedy.
That would be sensational.
So I say, "Love your brother, love your neighbor, and more than this 'I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who harm you'."

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