Friday, September 30, 2011

What's new at Humayan's

Wondering what's new at Humanyan's tomb since the last time I was there?

Well not this lady, she's been here gardening forever.
She told me I could take her picture if I gave her a good tip.
Though she had no intention of smiling.

There was new restoration in progress.
Painting and chiseling of things, making that chink chink chink sound of metal on stone which causes me think of elves.

And the last "new" thing to see there was this funny group of school kids on a field trip. Part of what they got to see on their outing was a couple of foreigners who obligingly shook hands and practiced English with every one of them who dared to be so brave.
One of them also told the gardening aunty that her flowers looked nice. I thought that very generous him.

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