Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stop terrorism

I've pointed out some of the mannequins before, I know.
This one, though, has a message about something other than fashion.

This small, plastic kid tied to a stool had a sign around his neck with descriptions of the suspects the police are searching for in connection with the bombing at the Delhi High Court.

This is what it says:
दिल्ली उच्चा न्यायालय में दिनांक 07-09-2011 को हुए बोम धमाके में संदिग्ध व्यक्ति जिनकी दिल्ली पोलिस को तलाश है
उम्र लगभग 26 साल, लम्बा, कद 5 फुट 9 इन्च
उम्र लगभग 50 साल, हल्की दाड़ी, रंग सॉवला मजबूत जिस्म
वालो में मांग निकले हुए

Have you seen them? The investigations are still happening.

I guess it's the shopkeeper's own small efforts at taking a stand against terrorism. I'm not sure how effective it is...
But it did catch my attention.

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