Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lotus temple

It's so close to where I live, but I've never been to the Lotus Temple before.
Visited by thousands every year, but not by me.

Today I had my opportunity to go, so I took it.

With so much rain lately, the surrounding gardens are green green.
And keeping the lawn mower busy.

It's pretty architecture, but really there's not much there. It's kind of a great big emptiness. There's nothing to the Bahá'í temple but a shell.

The biggest impression it made was on my feet. Shoes have to be removed to enter, but then there are red sandstone paths to follow which have been baking in the heat of the day. Ow!

The other thing I could do was get a view of my own house, opposite my usual view of the temple from my rooftop.
Imagine me standing beneath the center huddle of water tanks with my hands up to shield my eyes from the sun and you have an accurate picture.

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