Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy phone service

When I arrived in Thailand, I put my Thai sim card into my phone and turned it on.
The screen lit up and told me I had a signal. Before I left the airport, I decided to "top up" my minutes.
It took 2 minutes for me to hand over the money and have enough time on the phone for my stay here.
How easy is that?

It was only two weeks ago that I had a terrible customer service experience in India--where I live and pay and pay phone bills. They had shut off my phone service with no warning and wanted passport photos and new documents and signatures submitted.
It was days of trying to figure out what they wanted and how I could get it turned in to them.

So different here.
So easy.
So peaceful.
So happy.
That's the name of the service, and that's what it made me.

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