Friday, November 5, 2010

Floating market...of tourists

"Can you want something?"
That was my favorite question of the day.
Really, the floating-Thai-trinket seller woman was asking DID I want to buy something, not whether I could want something. The question and it's pleading tone amused me. Couldn't I just please want something so that she could sell it to me and make some money?

The fruit, coconut and souvenir sellers had hooks they would reach out as your boat passed and pull you over to convince you to buy things.

There was a theatrical feel to the market.
The women wearing traditional hats were well made up with lipstick and dyed hair--a little bit incongruous to the village women you might otherwise see wearing those hats.

So could I want something?
Well, I'm afraid not even the plate of frogs on sticks tempted me.

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