Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Full saree experience

The push the shove, the stepping on toes--yes, this is the market.
And today: saree shopping.

The colors and cloth and sparkle were spread in great piles before me. Waiting for me to choose.
But alas, I can't wear those bright colors; I need something more subtle, so I moved on to another shop.
And another.
And another.

Finally, I found a nice jade green with enough sparkly-ness to satisfy most.
The shop keeper whispered the discount he would give me for this find and I accepted.

Now it was on to find the petticoat--'cause sarees have petticoats. And the man in the petticoat shop can find the shade to match perfectly with whatever you've bought. Skill.

Next stop was the tailor, who sewed the blouse for me.

All I've got left to do is to figure out how to wear it.
I've been watching videos to help me learn.
In this one, I appreciate that the Indian girl doesn't know what she's doing either!

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