Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The sculptor

See that glove in his hand?  That's some sculpting skill.

The sculptor of the statue of King George in Coronation Park was commissioned to make some other statues of British dignitaries as well.
Right now they are unlabeled and I don't know who this guy was. 
But he is very detailed.
And I see he was balding and had a mustache. 
What I could find was the name of the sculptor:  C.S. Jagger.
A search revealed a video of Jagger actually creating the statue of King George.
It seems he died before the statue was finished.  So not only did he never see it stand near India Gate, but he would have had no idea that it was removed to occupy empty, under-construction coronation park.
Sculptor for a king who was exiled to an abandoned park.  Ah, the twists of history.

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