Saturday, May 30, 2009

Is it necessary?

What's that heap of straw on my balcony, you wonder?
Well, that's what I wanted to know when it arrived by bicycle and a man stood yelling at my door that he had my delivery.
What delivery?
Then I remembered that hours earlier, the plumber had visited.

You see, I'd spent a few hours cleaning the bathroom, two of them just on the toilet. And after the water explosion of a few days before (all faucets and connections dripping and spraying out water), there seemed to be just one smallish leak on the toilet left. So I called the plumber to fix that and do a couple other things around the house.
When he came, he looked at the leak, gave the toilet a little shake, and said, "This is bad." Then he flushed the toilet and water gushed out the back onto the floor. "This is really bad," he said, "You need a new one."
Remembering my long hours of cleaning, I asked, "Is it necessary? Really?"
He flushed the toilet and again we watched the fountain from the back.
"Okay, bring over a new one."

So that's what the delivery man brought over. The new toilet bowl, wrapped in straw.
As for that old one: what a well spent two hours of cleaning only to have it go out with the trash.

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