Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I did it!

And what did I do?
I drove a motorbike from the house where I'm staying all the way to where I work. I didn't stop there, but took the u-turn and headed right back home. It took me about 45 minutes all together. Because I didn't drive faster than 58kmph.
So why didn't I go to work?
I'm able to get a ride to work most days with the lady I work with. But she leaves the office a lot earlier than I do and I usually have to take a taxi back to the house. It costs me $6 every day.
My pocketbook was saying "be braver".
I could have been driving the motorbike for the last month, but I've been too chicken to go out on actual roads with actual traffic.
Today when I arrived at the house, handed over another $6 to the taxi driver, I went straight into the house and got the motorbike keys. I started out driving around the neighborhood for a few minutes. Then I felt brave enough to leave the neighborhood. I wondered just how far I would dare to go and thought maybe I'd drive all the way to the highway and then turn around.
But at the highway there was no good place to turn, so I just joined the merging traffic and drove all the way to the office.
Now I know I can do it. And I can drive to work tomorrow and save myself some money.

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