Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The sounds and smells

If I could insert a smell here, I would. There is nothing like the combination of spice, heat, humanity, and, well, stink that hits you when your plane lands in India. I would happily share that with you.
What I can give you is a sound to experience. A sound with a view.
I didn't miss the call to prayer while gone, but it still is like coming home, it's so familiar. And it doesn't let you be isolated from your surroundings even from inside your home. It chases you right into your home and bedroom to haunt you.


Josephine said...

How long does the call to prayer last?

l said...

Depends on the day. The actual call is a couple of minutes, but there are often extra chants and "sermons" interspersed throughout the day (and night).