Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scorpion stealth

There was a scorpion in my room this morning.
I was picking up some clothes from the floor and it was underneath. Black and scary. Only that's not what I was thinking.
I thought: "The boys haven't been here in my room, what is that plastic bug doing on my floor?"
Then it moved. Yich.
So I trapped it under the heavy Lord of the Rings movie box until I had time to do something about it.
Later, we froze him and now he's securely pinned to some styrofoam.


Josephine said...

Oh my word, that is freaky looking! And really big. :S

l said...

Don't you want to find him in your laundry pile?

Carla said...

Is he frozen for my bug collection? He looks much bigger than the one you brought home before! YIKES!!

l said...

If you want him, he's yours. I haven't found any other takers yet.
I'm not sure if he's really bigger or not.