Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Neighborhood swimming

It looks like an unassuming gate, doesn't it?

The last time I was here, it was quiet.  This time, I could hear the shouts and laughter from the street before we even stepped inside.
Gandhak ki baoli is the neighborhood swimming pool.  
How cool is that?  To swim in a stepwell?  Other than the one at Nizamuddin, I didn't know there were any still in use in Delhi.  Most don't have enough water and are full of trash (not that this water was clean).

There were even a few boys brave enough to use the old-style diving pillars.  Maybe I should say "reckless enough", because beneath that green, trashy water is a set of stone steps, strong enough to break bones.

Still in the 105 degrees it was out there, it's gotta be nice to know the stepwell makes a good place to swim.

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