Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Every where I go, I look up at the ceilings.  Fascinating things, are ceilings.
Yet some people pay no attention to them.  How sad.
Just the other day I laughed because a woman who comes to my house every week looked up at the ceiling and said about the picture hanging track, "Did you just put that up there?"
"It's been there for over a year," I laughed.
"Oh," she replied, "This is the first time I've noticed it," and she laughed too.

There's so much you're missing if you never look up.

But I've been looking up for you, and collecting photographs.  Here are some of the ceilings I've seen:

The unknown tomb near Humayan's tomb complex.
The Afsarwala masjid ceiling.

Sher Shah's masjid at Purana Qila.
 The Diwan-i-khas.
One of the Red Fort Palaces.

Pretty cool, ya?  Next time you're out, look up!


aunt j said...

I love ceilings too---like rugs upside down!

l said...

Rugs upside down--nice. :)