Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mango festival

Mangoes by the thousands.

It's Delhi's Mango Festival.
Tables and tables of mangoes on display to see.
And yes, people wanted to see them.
Especially the winner mangoes.
But even more so, people wanted to taste them.
These are the thirty women who took part in the Lady's mango eating contest. 
They were each given 3kg of  mangoes, and had to eat as much as they could in three minutes time.
It was an intense competition.



aunt j said...

These mangoes must all be peeled?

l said...

Nope. They mash them, rip them open with their teeth and suck out all the pulp.

aunt j said...

apparently and quite obviously, they do not share the same allergy as I.

l said...

Not unless they were unaware of being allergic...which would have become obvious as they ate through 3kg of mango...