Friday, March 18, 2011

In the back of a moving vehicle

It's like he's in jail, right?

But no, he's only in the back of a load carrier.
The door isn't even locked.

On sighting this guy, I thought to document some of the other things seen in (or on) the back of a moving vehicle.

At least the guy with the over-sized mirror has a helmet on, right?

In the back of an auto, it is noisy.

Sometimes I want to tell the people with their back window full of stuffed animals, tissue boxes and pillows that it's a rear-view window, not a storage shelf.

Nice for this guy that he's not quite as trapped, but his seat must be terribly uncomfortable.

And here's a very resourceful girl: studying while on her way home through the long traffic delays.

And what does all this make me say?
Ya: love for India.

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