Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Y is supposed to

I have to fill out a form to get a pan card. A "personal something-or-other number" card so that I can pay taxes.
I went to the office, filled out the form, glued on my picture, signed it and submitted my application. I was told it would be a seven to ten day wait.
A week later I heard my form was unacceptable.
My name in the signature went outside the box.
The letter Y is supposed to go below the line.
But no, this was a signature box, not a signature line and all of the signature must be inside the box.
For pete sakes.
So I went in this morning to try again. Filled out the form and very carefully signed it.
Waiting again for another seven to ten days.
And why do I want to pay taxes for such bureaucracy?

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